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The Mall That Time Forgot: Art & Comics

October 20, 2010


Growing up on Manhattan you hear many things about the wilds of New Jersey: Witchs' Covens, Abandoned Nazi Training Camps atop a mountain stronghold, Rundown Insane Asylums, Gigantic Sculptures honoring Alien Gods in the middle of nowhere, Rivers of Toxic Waste, and Ghost Towns from some bygone era.

Citizen Faust

October 13, 2010


This blog entry started out as something along the lines of: I have a lot of ideas, but I don't have the concentration to put them down.

The Lucky Ones

September 24, 2010


Perhaps, it is easier to accept the lie about “laziness” and “under-education” than the awful truth...

The Rains Return

September 21, 2010


Hawaii, is very much a place of fantasy: it is neither entirely Occidental or Oriental. But between the two, and the culture has long since been dead, only marketed with virility. It is a dream that exists on a little piece of land exposed amidst a black sea, on the cusp of awakening.