Blogger by Google is a simple, VOX-esque blogging site.

Posted on September 13, 2010


It’s a bit like this:

I actually had this account around the same time as VOX. But, despite VOX being a ghost-town and WordPress being the trend, I decided to buck the trend and go with VOX. Hands down VOX has won the design aesthetic for blogging. And the experience and people were enjoyable. They were there not to be seen, as one tends to find on WordPress, but to be read. Now, unfortunately VOX is going away. And I find myself at WordPress.

I am not exactly happy with the WordPress designs, the look…well, it’s a bit clunky.  Like a Microsoft OS right out the box, before it’s tweaked. Sure you can tweak WordPress, but it’ll cost you. And even so, there’s no guarantee you can get it anywhere near the VOX design. Some were lucky enough to find a design they liked, and their blogs look good, but I always was the type to know exactly what I wanted. And when I got it, I wanted to keep it that way. This goes for guitars, amps, headphones, paintings, sculpture, monitors, televisions,  foods…let’s put it this way: I am not anywhere near a Type-A personality, but I know precisely what I want. And I don’t really know anyone like that. Most of my friends are kinda happy with whatever. Not me.

That being said, I decided -now that my blog is backed up- to take a look at a blogging service that was not even mentioned: Blogger.

1. It integrates easily with YouTube

2. It offers more free features than WordPress

3. It handles privacy better.

Blogger, or blogspot depending how you refer to it. And if you have a Gmail account, it seamlessly integrates into your google account, so there is no need for signing up for another blog.

You can also create a private blog, that is restricted up to 100 people.

In theory, the workflow is much more streamlined and user-friendly.

Think of it this way.

You check your Gmail, and want to see a private blog you are subbed to. You simply navigate to the blog, and being you’re already logged in, you can see their private blog.

The posting interface is extremely straightforward. Not as nice as VOX, but very, very close. And more over, the back-end is designed to make you feel like you want to post, and not like it’s going to be a chore.

Pretty close.

The one on the top is Blogger or blogspot.

The one on the bottom is the original VOX.

Sure it took some playing around, but the learning curve wasn’t as nearly as hard as the one required by this blog, WordPress. And more importantly I got exactly what I wanted with Blogger.

When I see something I like, something that works, it is a damn shame to see it go.

I was able to import the entirety of the WordPress blog into Blogger.

I’ll still keep WordPress – it’s where everyone is. However, I’ll probably organize my work-flow around Blogger, and see if I can simply feed that into WordPress.

But I cannot stress enough, that if you want a VOX-like blogging experience, I suggest you check out Blogger. And if you need help, just message me. I doubt you will need that much help – if you’ve managed taming this beast you can easily handle blogger.

Oh, and here is an interesting note. You can set up Blogger to earn money. That’s right. As opposed to WordPress, that siphons off money for the smallest thing and still runs ads, you can set up an ad-sense account and, run ads on your site, (relatively non-intrusive) and earn some money depending on your views. Or not, and just enjoy a solid, free, blog with more features than WordPress.

Check it out, you have nothing to lose. And if you start up a Blogger account, add me.

Oh, and I hope you liked the video. Great visuals. Although, the song makes me think I should be getting ready to play a game of ice hockey.

Post Script– In proofing this, my first real post, I think WordPress is starting to grow on me.  Funny how things work.

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