BillyDKY is Dead

Posted on July 16, 2010


At first, I thougth it was odd. This man mad a lot of videos daily. But he recently moved into a new place, and I thought he just got too busy to make vids. No big deal.

Then, today, I suspected something was up. YouTube doesn't always give me updates on the subscriptions I have. Then I found all the RIP messages on his page.

Apparently—BillyDKY took his own life last week.

Don't feel bad for me, I didn't know him outside of YouTube. I thought he was a good guy, but I wasn't attached. This isn't a sympathy blog. And Billy would agree with that.

Life goes on. It's certainly shocking on some levels, but he is at peace now.

There have been some great videos that people have made in his tribute.

However to sum it up best, here's Billy in his own words on death.

Until then, later folks.

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