Behind The Truth Lies A Publishing Empire: The Economy of Truth

Posted on April 2, 2010


Response to TheFaustianMan’s Video on The Economy of Truth

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Everything you read, or hear, in all probability is part of an income stream. Despite the age, regardless of the authenticity, and even if it has nothing to do with modern life, if it exists chances are there is an economy behind it.
This is fine for things that we know, upfront, about their role in life, namely goods and services. However, what of the Economy of Truth? Those things that are marketed as neither goods or services, but yet (we are told) somehow essential to the human condition.

An author may have never existed, may be dead, or may have meant something else entirely, however corporations, publishing houses, estates, and foundations are looking to market, often outdated works as income generating revenue streams. Their mission statements matter not, and neither do their charitable filing with The Internal Revenue Service. Assuredly, someone is drawing a salary by propagating these works. Someone has a closely guarded interest in making sure these works are promulgated at a price.

And no matter how noble the foundation, estate, or publishing house may seem, they will defend their marketed "truth" with a vengeance toward anyone who attempts to disprove or otherwise profit from their goose that lays the golden egg, oft postmortem.

It is up to you to see through these guises marketing companies paint "the truth" as. And realize, you are just as right to criticize and formulate your own personal truth. Even though you lack the funds to bully those who do not tow the line.

In short, I am calling for an end to foundations and estates managing and controlling someone else's "truth". Simply because, with bit torrent and other websites there is simply no need to charge any fee to maintain a foundation. There are some forward thinkers who are to be commended like Paulo Coelho who bit torrents his own books.

To clarify, I believe in paying someone his due. A person has a right to earn a living off his works. However, usually the case is: the person and all immediate family are long since gone. And what you have are a bunch of vultures who descend upon an estate and prop up a corpse who's entire lineage of work is now as putrid as his flesh.

In short, someone out there is making money by selling you this "truth", and chances are it's not even the individual who discovered it. And unfortunately that is a truism.

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