I know things.
I know about the latitude and longitude of people. I know the secret fault lines of their souls.
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Getting Started with Great Comics

October 31, 2010


Alan Moore

Alan Moore is one of the greatest writers (not strictly a comicbook writer...but Writer with a capital “W”) on the planet. He is intelligent, ingenious with prose, and has a gift for developing characters and plots.

The Mall That Time Forgot: Art & Comics

October 20, 2010



Growing up on Manhattan you hear many things about the wilds of New Jersey: Witchs' Covens, Abandoned Nazi Training Camps atop a mountain stronghold, Rundown Insane Asylums, Gigantic Sculptures honoring Alien Gods in the middle of nowhere, Rivers of Toxic Waste, and Ghost Towns from some bygone era.

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Yelping Now

October 15, 2010



I thought I would open up an account on Yelp. I travel a lot, and I live in an area that has a lot of places to eat. So why not?

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Citizen Faust

October 13, 2010



This blog entry started out as something along the lines of: I have a lot of ideas, but I don't have the concentration to put them down.

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Dirty Rats in Paradise

October 12, 2010



What astounds me is the level of corruption in Hawaii. I stand in awe - in AWE- of how Honolulu handles things! I mean here at least they at least try to make it seem like the system works.

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